We contribute to the realization of a low carbon society by spreading i-Motor, an efficient motor and power generator!

Efficient motors are essential for a zero-emission society!

To realize a low carbon society, hybrid cars and electric vehicles, which require efficient batteries in tandem with efficient motors, are receiving attention in the automobile field. Also, in the environmentally friendly energy field, attention is being focused on wind power generation, which requires efficient power generators.

"i-Motor" that we offer is a motor which always operates at a high energy efficiency, while also being a highly efficient power generator. Because the strength (magnetic field) of permanent magnets in conventional motors does not change, it is necessary to use ultra high strength permanent magnets to boost the driving force of the motor. However, a feature of the "i-Motor" is that it enables high torque at low speed, expanding upper speed threshold, simplifying the regenerative energy recovery systems, and more, by the technology that allows the permanent magnet's magnetic field to change.

 We wish to contribute to the realization of a low carbon society through the spread of the i-Motor, an efficient motor and power generator.

i-Motor is the best for EV and Wind power generation.

This motor technology allows for efficient operation at high and low speeds due to unrestricted control of the motors field through modification of the magnet strength of permanent magnets.

i-Motor Type 2
For power generation such as wind, highly efficient power generation can be achieved even in areas where wind strength is not constant, so we can expect an expansion of land suitable for wind turbines and an improvement in power generation efficiency.


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